• A great search firm makes recommendations for placements with the understanding that its choices must withstand the scrutiny of the decision makers involved in the hiring process.
  • A great search firm should know its clients’ cultural environment in order to eliminate obstacles and hone in on the best candidate for the position.
  • A great search firm uses a well-developed and time-tested recruiting process to evaluate and attract top candidates for each specified assignment. It is able to clearly explain that process without excess hyperbole and adhere to it in order to exceed every expectation and maintain its reputation.
  • A great search firm is flexible with its fees, whether they are contingency or retained, and remains sensitive to meeting your hiring objectives.

APC Executive Search has performed its duties without fail for more than a decade and proven that it understands the needs of the banking and financial industries in California. This is what makes us great. Michael Caponnetto, President & CEO

1: Research

APC Executive Search has maintained and updated an extensive database of candidates who possess skills that place them at the top of the banking profession.

2: Due diligence

At APC Executive Search we make every effort to prequalify a candidate before suggesting an opportunity for career advancement.

3: Collaboration

Collaboration produces the identification of at least one or in some cases many candidates all of whom may possess a unique combination of skills.

4: Evaluation

Only after APC Executive Search personnel have completed the due diligence process is a candidate recommended to our client.

5: Negotiations

Working out the details culminates the final negotiation. On our clients’ behalf, we attempt to remove the emotion from every decision making process and replace it with pure facts about the candidate.